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23 years
What is the best workout to lose weight and how many times a week i should exercise?
Aug 25, 2014

Dr. Rania Mousa General Medicine
Exercise is a key component in any weight loss program, but it can be confusing to figure out how much you need and where to start

However in general ,you should aim for at least 45 minutes of exercise, a mix of cardio and strength training, six days per week. you don't need to do all this sweating at once,you can do them by intervals.

The best exercise routine for toning your body is a combination of cardio, which gets your heart rate up and increases overall fitness, and weight training, which strengthens your muscles. Do cardio exercises alternating between workouts
Try to alternate between workouts don't switch to routine ,for example on a treadmill switch between slow and fast between flat and uphill then concerning machines switch between the exercises ,10 min for each one one for arms for shoulders for hips for buttocks for .....,so you can benefit more if you have more variety of exercise so that your body will not get in to a routine and stop burning .
beside the good exercise ,of course you must switch to healthy low caloric plan for best and faster results .