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24 years
Which sort of mdcl treatment I should have ? I'm frm Pakistan, surgeries are unaffordable for me.I have used 2 mdcns for weight lose but they were totally diet & exercise dependent & left side effects
May 17, 2014

Dr. Rania Mousa General Medicine
Surgery is not the only way for weight loss.there are several ways for that ,including diet and exercising .Any medication that is given to lose weight such as burning fat medicine pills or diet pills have side effects .
medicines can help you lose weight but you can't take it forever or for long period because of side effects but the key of weight loss is a well balanced diet decreasing your caloric intake and exercising.
you don't have to lose weight directly ,this will make you gain the kilos again and complaining of stretch marks,all you must is make a plan ,and make it easy to follow on how much kilos to lose per month not more than 2-4 kilos depending on your weight now .
you can also check with a nutritionist to give you a full plan.