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31 years
I've been having severe constipation and this mild annoying feeling in my front-right side below the ribs. I'm broke, can't afford medical care. I worry about gallstones. Any home tests to do?
May 29, 2013

Dr. Karim Farah Pulmonology
the differential diagnosis of right upper quadrant pain is wide, it can vary from serious to simple causes. among the serious causes is acute cholecystitis, which is obstruction and inflammation/infection of the gallbladder which requires an ultrasound and blood test for diagnosis and is treated by surgery and antibiotics.
acute cholangitis is obstruction of the common bile duct by a stone which causes pain, fever, jaundice, tes-colored urine and light colored stool, which requires antibiotic and an endoscope (ERCP)
both are serious and require immediate medical attention.
as for constipation and abdominal pain they go hand in hand, it could be Irritable Bpwel Syndrome (IBS) which requires medications. or simple constipation causing the pain which requires laxative.
you need to be seen by a physician to examine you and to know what test to order and thus what therapy you need. there are lots of dispensaries (مستوصف) which are cheap and can help you with your problems.