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35 years
I have a 3 year old daughter. She only shouts and cries with me. What should I do with her?
Apr 7, 2014

Dr. Beatrice Khater Family Medicine
The "terrible two" sometimes extend to 3 years of age.
Is there anything that bothers hers particularly: a newborn at home? day care? a familial problem that she has witnessed?
Be a good example to her and avoid shouting and using a loud voice.
Put words to her feelings so she learns to express them: "you are tired this is why you cry", "you are upset because I did not give you...".
Dr. Maria Karam Pediatrics
Also, make sure that her hearing is normal. She may just be doing that because she cannot hear herself.
Dr. Mostafa Odeh Psychiatry
Difficult or naughty children are usually the product of their parents. So, I advise you to apply the following rules
1. Be firm with the child
2. Communicate well with him. Always explain to him why you have done so with him.
3. Be a good listener to him
4. Reward positively the good behavior.
5. You (as his father) and his mother should be united when dealing with any problem related to the child's behavior.
6. If he cries or screams, leave him until he calms down on his own.