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30 years
If i dont see cervical mucus on underwear during ovulation period does it mean i cant get pregnant?i am trying for 3 months now.i also like to ask u about conceive plus lubricant,can it help?
May 27, 2013

Dr. Nemer Charafeddine Obstetrics & Gynecology
if you are trying for 3 month to conceive, but to no avial, you should wait also 9 mth, so theoretically you shouldn't seek medical assistance before that.. And this is because you are 30 y old, If you were 38 or 40 for ex, you don't wait this long..
The best way to predict ovulation is to do ultrasound. You can also use the urinary LH kit to predict ovulation, or the classic daily temperature curve..
You should also quit smoking if you do smoke, because you can't imagine how it does affect your fertility profile...
Conceive plus contains some calcium & magnesium that as the company states, will boost the sperm motility & fertility ...
Up to my knowledge this is not quite true..
You can use it though as a lubricant..
Have a healthy life style, eat healthy, stop smoking -if you do so- along with your partner & dont stress about getting pregnant....this is my advice for you