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20 years
I sweat a lot, should I do the starch iodine test?
May 23, 2013

Dr. Salim Saab Otolaryngology (ENT)
Yes, you should do the starch iodine test if you want to use botox to stop the sweating.
Dr. Rania Mousa General Medicine
Starch iodine test is a test ordered to diagnose excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis) it is ordered by GP or family medicine doctor referred as necessary to a dermatologist or other doctor depending on the results and causes of hyperhidrosis.It is important to know which type you have, as the causes and treatments are very different.
The following may be all that you need if the condition is mild. They may help in addition to other treatments in more severe cases.
-If you find that soaps irritate the affected skin, use a bland soap substitute such as an emollient (moisturizer) ointment or cream.
-If possible, avoid triggers which can make things worse such as heat or spicy food.
-If you have armpit sweating:
Try using normal antiperspirants regularly. (Note: there is a difference between antiperspirants and deodorants. Antiperspirants reduce the release of sweat, deodorants mask unpleasant smells. Sweat does not have a smell. It is only sweaty clothes that are not changed that may become smelly.)
Avoid clothes that more easily show up sweat marks. As a rule, white and black coloured clothes are less noticeable when wet than other colours.
Wear loose clothing under the armpits. Avoid clothes made with man-made fibres such as Lycra and nylon.
-Consider using dress shields (also known as armpit or sweat shields)