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19 years
I have had tough kidney infection 3 times before and i'm starting to feel pain in the area .i dont drink water a lot. what shall i do? and what might be the effect of being repeatedly infected ?
Aug 23, 2014

Dr. Zakia Dimassi Pediatrics
Pyelonephritis is the medical term for kidney infection. Chronic Pyelonephritis results from recurrent episodes of kidney infection with secondary scar formation in the kidneys and progression to end stage kidney disease/kidney failure. Seeing your age, I would assume you've had episodes of Pyelonephritis since you were a child, because this is almost exclusively seen in children. Have you undergone investigations to see if there are abnormalities in the kidneys (like an abnormal shape, some people are born with very small kidneys on one side ; other have small bag-like structures in the kidneys called cysts) or in the ureters (the tubes that attach the kidneys to the bladder)? These factors make a child prone to develop recurrent infections in the urine with a reflux of urine up to the kidneys.
I recommend that you:
1 - Drink a lot of water: start by keeping a small bottle of water with you all the time, take sips every few minutes.
2- Cranberry juice or tablets: proven medically to help in the prevention of recurrent urinary tract infections
3- Avoid too much protein in your diet (proteinsin big aamounts burden the kidneys)
4- Consult your doctor: you may need a few tests (urine analysis to check if the kidney is throwing out proteins in the urine, an indication of poor kidney function), blood studies (serum creatinine reflects the filtering ability of the kidneys. In addition to electrolytes like sodium potassium etc.), and definitely get your blood pressure measured (if the kidneys have a weak function, blood pressure goes up). A CT scan may also be required.