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22 years
Can clearance for kidney failure go from stage 3 till 4 in less than a week? 2 tests were done, the first showed creatinine to be 2,3 the other 3 with a 5 day difference.
Jul 23, 2014

Dr. Bassem Tanios Nephrology
Yes it can, We call this acute renal failure.
Kidneys which are normal can sometimes go into total renal failure in a matter of few days.
Although I don't have any information concerning your case. But it's obvious that there is a kidney problem since creatinine is above normal to begin with, i.e, 2,3. The fact that it got up to 3 in 5 days, means that there is something new that is happening, that is causing the kidney to work less well. This could range from a rather simple cause, such as medication use ( such as anti-inflammatory medication), or dehydration (not drinking enough salt and water), or some other serious cause, such as damage to kidney cells.

Therefore, it is very important for you to see your doctor or nephrologist as soon as possible with repeat labs, to make sure that things are stable, and your doctor with request other important labs also, and maybe a kidney ultrasound to know what is causing the problem and give the proper treatment, so that things don't get any worse.