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19 years
Why when I eat ice cream I feel like im full of energy and when I dont eat I feel like a lazy girl dnt want to do any thing (just ice cream nothing else )
Jul 23, 2014

Dr. Rania Mousa General Medicine
ICE cream boosts you energy because its content of simple blood sugar that goes directly to the blood to be used as energy .
Ice cream gives instant energy natural foods that can help bring you recharge while providing the right dose of nutrition to your body. It makes a quick fix which instantly converts to glucose and offers a rush of energy to the body and be full of energy which offer a flow of glucose / blood sugar levels keeping the fatigue factor diminish.
Chocolate, Ice creams and that cup of double espresso are examples of what most people would resort to for the instant cure and no doubt it could have you feeling energetic again before you put your cup or spoon away.however this boost of energywill not lasts for long but short time after which you might even feel more tired than before. These foods get converted rapidly providing a rush of blood sugar but once the levels drop, so does the sense of renewed energy. For a longer term solution look towards foods like:
Oats Grains ,Almonds, Peanuts Sunflower SeedsBananas,Peaches, Raisins , Fruit,Beans Peas, Lentils Sprouts,Yoghurt Dairy,Meat, Eggs,Starchy Foods

So the next time you’re tempted to reach ice cream to fight fatigue give it a miss and try this longer term recharge solution by picking from these food groups. With a healthy diet, the right high energy foods that provide not just a rush but sustained energy.

TRY to have a balanced diet to protect yourself from tiredness and fatigue .