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31 years
Why do I have weakness when I think of surgery, when I see someone in pain, when someone tells a story of their health condition and treatment? Is there any cure so I wont be sensitive&afraid anymore?
Jan 26, 2014

Dr. Rania Mousa General Medicine
Emotions are so much a part of who we are as human animals that we cannot possibly avoid them. Sensitive humans feel emotions especially strongly. It is difficult to be one of those who feel more than others, but it is part of the package deal of being highly sensitive
Most people suffer from a form of fear of medical procedures during their life. There are many different aspects of this fear and not everyone has every part. Some of these parts include fear of surgery, fear of dental work and fear of doctors (involving fear of needles). These fears are often overlooked, but when a patient has one to the extreme it can be very damaging to their health.
phobia of certain conditionsis the fear of conditions such as surgery or seeing blood or even listening to a harmfull story .It responds very well to many treatment methods. One of the most common is cognitive-behavioral therapy. You will learn to replace your fearful self-talk with healthier responses to the sight of blood. You will also learn new behaviors and coping strategies.
If your phobia is severe, medications can help control the anxiety, allowing you to focus on treatment strategies. Other forms of talk therapy, hypnosis, and even alternative treatments may also be helpful. A skilled therapist can guide you through the process of recovery, which can be difficult or impossible on your own. With help, though, there is no reason for hemophobia to control your life.
So talk with a psychotherapist if you feel your sensitivity ,or your emotions or your fear are interrupting your daily life .