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22 years
When I was young I loved Kiwi but now everytime I eat Kiwi my throat and nostrils itch! Why is this happening and how can I cure it
Jul 21, 2014

Dr. Rania Mousa General Medicine
What you described is an allergy to kiwi even that you hadn't this allergy before ,sometimes you may develop certain allergies in the adulthood depending on several factors

since you have allergy to kiwi ,you might also have other allergic medical problems in your body ,you might also discover allergies to other topical fruits .

If you have a kiwi allergen,kiwi may cross-reacts with many other foods and substances, including birch pollen, avocado, banana, rye grain and hazelnuts, meaning the allergens share similar properties and can react the same way in the if you had any allergy with these foods you may also have kiwi allergy .

if you had any allergy or sensitivities to latex – which is common among health care workers – because while the substances seem fundamentally different, they share common epitopes, so the immune system sees them as the same thing,you will probably have allergy tii kiwi .

The fruit can be extremely problematic for those who develop allergies to it. Most reactions are limited to itching and inflammation in the mouth and throat (this is usually linked with oral allergy syndrome)however it might cause other serious reaction ,so your problem is mild.

The issue is if you have the allergy to the fibers outside covering the fruit form outside (and every fruit having such fibers on surface might bring you similar symptoms that you describe )the simple thing to do in this case is to avoid contact to the fruit ,let anyone to hold the fruit and peel it and cut it for you and then you can eat if you still feel the symptoms then>>
the other condition is possible ,the allergy is from the fruit itself .
if this is your condition you must avoid eating kiwi if the symptoms are affecting you or more serious actions happened .when developing an allergy towards kiwi you can take antihistamine tablet to lessen the symptoms .
The major allergen of kiwi fruit, Act c 1, is actinidin, a proteolytic enzyme belonging to the class of thiol-proteases. Two other allergens of 24 and 28 kd appear identical on amino acid sequencing.