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18 years
When i sit for a long period about 2hrs , my lowe back starts hurting me and i should stand and walk to feel relaxed.What is the reason and the solution for it ?
May 2, 2014

Dr. Rania Mousa General Medicine
One of the examples of aggravating activities that causes back pain include prolonged sitting (studying in one position too long),sitting for too long may result in stiffened low back muscles, which may be have a back pain aggrevated by sitting
you can reduce that by :
-Use good posture. Using supportive chairs and/or lumbar rolls or pillows will provide low back support, promoting improved posture. Good posture places less strain on the discs and irritated soft tissues in the low back.
-Change positions more frequently. While one is recovering, more frequent positional changes or rest breaks are helpful. Sitting for too long may result in stiffened low back muscles, which may be aggravated when one first stands or picks up a backpack from the floor.
-Use ice or heat. Ice packs initially are quite helpful to reduce inflammation and pain. Then heat may be beneficial after 2-3 days to relieve stiffness. But if ice continues to give relief, then continue using it as needed. Use heat or ice for 20 minutes at a time.
-for sleeping consider your mattress and sleep in different positions,
-Wear appropriate footwear,dont hold heavy bags on shoulders
The following exercises or positions may be helpful:
1-Press-Up,start by lying flat on your stomach. Press up through your arms while keeping your pelvis down. Perform 10-20 reps at a time periodically during the day. If this helps to decrease pain, this can be done up to every 2 hours during the day. Stop if pain increases or moves toward the buttocks or down the leg(s).
2-Proper Posture
Keep the low back supported by the chair or a lumbar pillow, move close to the desk so that your elbows are close to your body and at roughly 90 degrees, keep the feet on the floor or if necessary on a small support. The top of the monitor should be at approximately eye level.
3-Standing Back Extension
While supporting your hands on hips, bend backwards 5-10 times, holding it for 2-3 seconds each time. This exercise may be espec