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When i play basketball after 15 mins my heart starts to hurt a lot right under my armpit and my vision gets all blurry and black spotted and there's pulse on my neck and everything seems hot
Apr 28, 2013

Dr. Zakia Dimassi Pediatrics
These episodes you're having fall into the category of pre-syncope (since you did not mention loss of consciousness). These could have a number of causes, raging from overheating and dehydration (this is very common and is relieved by drinking water), anemia (which is also accompanied by pallor and easy fatiguability; more common in females due to menses), Orthostatic hypotension (drop in blood pressure upon standing up due to dysregulation by the "autonomic nervous system" which is the part of your nervous system responsible for regulation of heart rate, blood pressure, bowels ...), low blood sugar (poor nutrition; diabetes), and the most serious condition is a cardiac problem (heart not pumping enough blood especially if you're not well hydrated; problem in heart rhythm "arrhythmia"; problem in heart muscle "cardiomyopathy"). It is crucial that you do the following:
1- Ask family members about heart problems
2- Ask family members about Diabetes
3- Consult a physician for proper investigation (history, physical exam including blood pressure measurement while lying down + sitting + standing, basic blood work-up).
And make sure you keep well hydrated. I also strongly recommend that you with-hold playing sports until you get a full evaluation by a physician.