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23 years
When and what creams should I use to have a nice glowing skin and reduce wrinkles when I get old?
Jan 16, 2014

Dr. Michel Moutran Plastic Surgery
There is no miracle cream preventing aging. But there are things that have been proven to be very useful for prevention of aging. Have a balanced diet, eat good nutrients without excluding any ingredients as your body and especially your skin need all the components of nutrition to be healthy; do not put on weight, exercise, drink a lot of water to hydrate your skin from the inside.
And most importantly of all, sun prevention: do not sun tan, use a 50+ sunscreen and renew it every hour as it has been proven scientifically that regular use of sunscreen 50+ is much more efficient than any other cream for the prevention of aging.
But when looking for a cream, look for a nutritive cream with vitamins, oligoelements to bring to your skin what it needs.
Apply these simple principles and you will age serenely
Dr Moutran