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What are the most important medical screening tests for women and at what age should they have them?
Jan 7, 2013

Dr. Karim Nawfal Obstetrics & Gynecology
There are different tests a women should do during her life to insure she stays healthy and theses differ according to age. A yearly visit to a gynecologist or a family physician can insure all adequate tests are done.
-A yearly general exam , breast and pelvic exam have to be performed.
-Pap smear has to be done after the age of 21
-Mammography has to be done after the age of 40 (might be done earlier in certain cases)
-Blood tests for diabetes, cholesterol and thyroid diseases have to be done at different intervals
-After the age of 50 a colonoscopy has to be done every 10 years
-A bone scan for osteoporosis has to be done after the age of 65
-Other tests are done if there are any health issues that occur.

In addition certain vaccinations have to be done (booster vaccines, flu vaccine..etc).
A very important vaccine is the HPV vaccine that has to be done before starting to be sexual active, to prevent cervical cancer.