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What are the chances for a 34 year old woman of 0.5 AMH, and 12.1 FSH to be pregnant? What actions should be taken?
May 20, 2013

Dr. Nemer Charafeddine Obstetrics & Gynecology
First we should know your status( is it primary or secondary infertility), i.e did you get pregnant before, at what age.. as it highly affect your chances for pregnancy.
also your surgical history, have you ever been operated on your ovaries, because it can decrease your ovarian reserve.
an AMH of 0.5 ng/ml is low ( normal level above 1.2) at an age of 34.
i would be based more on the AMH than on the FSH level ( though it costs more) because it is more reliable.
i would also recommend doing vaginal ultrasound to see your follicle count .
if your partner has normal sperm count, and you are having unprotected intercourse for more than one year but to no avail, i would advise to go to artificial reproductive technologies ( couple of IUI - intra uterine insemination- than IVF - in vitro fertilization-).
the success rate of IVF in lebanon is arounf 45% in NORMAL couples.
in your case, your AMH level will guide us on the starting dose of medication to be given to boost your ovaries.
so your chances will be below 45% logically.
take home message: don't loose time..