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21 years
What are the causes of the Ebola virus? How to prevent its infection? Is it true that it spreads in the air too?
Aug 5, 2014

Dr. Rania Mousa General Medicine
The filoviruses, Marburg and Ebola, are among the most virulent pathogens of humans, causing severe hemorrhagic fever that resembles fulminant septic shock

Ebola virus and Marburg virus live in animal hosts, and humans can contract the viruses from infected animals. After the initial transmission, the viruses can spread from person to person through contact with body fluids or contaminated needles.

both viruses are transmitted to humans through an infected animal's bodily fluids. Examples include:

-through Blood. eating infected animals can spread the viruses. Scientists and lab workers who have operated on infected animals as part of their research have also contracted the virus.
-through Waste products contact with the feces or urine of infected animals

A person can infect other person after the symptoms of the virus begins ,through
-needles and medical contaminated equipment
-family members in the same house where the infected person uses the same equipment as the other family members and where the virus is here and there
-contact with the person's body fluids and tissues, including blood, semen, vaginal secretions and saliva. People with Ebola or Marburg are most contagious in the later stages of the disease.

YES it can spread through droplets in the air ,
>Avoid areas of known outbreaks. Before traveling to Africa, find out about current epidemics by checking the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website.

>Wash your hands frequently. As with other infectious diseases, one of the most important preventive measures is frequent hand-washing. Use soap and water, or use alcohol-based hand rubs containing at least 60 percent alcohol when soap and water aren't available.

>Avoid bush meat. In developing countries, avoid buying or eating the wild animals, including nonhuman primates, sold in local markets.

>Avoid contact with infected people. People with Ebola or Marburg are most contagious in the later stages of the disease.

> wear protective clothing, such as gloves, masks, gowns and eye shields IF in direct contact Keep infected people isolated from others. Dispose of needles and sterilize other instruments.

> The bodies of people who have died of Ebola or Marburg disease are still contagious. Specially organized and trained teams should bury the remains, using appropriate safety equipment.