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19 years
Wazni 48 kgs jesmi by7ro2 ktirr ma bnsah bs lama insah bi sur andi karesh wf5ad .mchklt l karesh ktirr ze3jtni plzz help
May 5, 2014

Dr. Rania Mousa General Medicine
then for sure you wish to gain weight but reduce your belly
the fact is every body is different than the other,whereas some people tend to gain fat in belly others may in the upper body others in the buttocks ,....for that when eating especially if you are wishing to gain weight and you are adding more fats to your diet then your food are stored again in your belly and thighs
you can't choose what place you want to gain and what to lose
The only solution for you is that you must balance your diet,and exercise ,nothing other exercise will help ,it will get use of balanced diet rich in proteins to build your muscles instead of fat and lose the fat
cardio exercises are the best options in adition to other