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21 years
What are the side effects for Lasik surgery? Is there a possibility that it causes cancer on the long term or to do the cataract surgery on the long term too? What are the side effects
Aug 28, 2014

Dr. Rania Mousa General Medicine
Most of these problems can be resolved with medical treatment or additional "enhancement" surgery as mentioned in the previous question ,try to find a well experienced eye surgeon .

Concerning cancer and laser or lasic no relation between and cancer is not a side effect or a complication of the surgery .

Concerning glaucoma ,it will not cause by any way a glaucoma BUT the measurements that a surgeon or eye doctor do to diagnose a glaucoma case might be in accurate after a lasik surgery but this might be fixed if you tell the doctor every time you had an eye problem or visit and eye doctor in the future that you had done one day eye laser or lasik surgery keep a report with you to show in the future for the eye doctor if needed in the long term .

That is how this effect happened :

>Refractive surgery alters corneal thickness and biomechanical properties. Consequently, the measurement of intraocular pressure (IOP) is inaccurate after LASIK.

IOP measurement is critical in the diagnosis of glaucoma. So if IOP is not measured correctly a doctor may miss a glaucoma diagnose but that is a general title ,there will be symptoms guiding .

For the same reason i mean measurements if after wards in the future the patient has a cataract (not from surgery -but for any reason )there might be inaccurate measurements . Cataract surgery involves removal of the natural lens inside the eye and implantation of an artifical intraocular lens (IOL). The altered corneal shape after LASIK results in inaccurate measurement of the intraocular lens power for cataract surgery.

This means that patients who have LASIK surgery and later develop cataracts may be right back in glasses after cataract surgery -- or worse, subjected to the inherent risks of multiple surgeries but again let the doctor know that you had an eye surgery whenever you had an eye problem or you need an eye measurements and surgery .

In conclusion ,it will not cause cancer ,nor glaucoma ,nor cataract ,but other measurements should be held than other non lasik people
Dr. Pierre Mardelli Ophthalmology
No. It does not cause cancer, and is not related to Cataracts. Side effects are rare, mostly dryness in the first period following the surgery.

Pierre G. Mardelli