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24 years
My urine is dark yello and I feel some burning when I pee. whats the problem?
Jul 20, 2014

Dr. Rania Mousa General Medicine
This condition might mean that you are not getting enough water and fluids through out your day ,so this makes your urine more concentrated and burning in nature .
if you are taking multivitamin or a supplement containing vitamin B also the urine will be colored in yellow
certain food might also make your urine yellow ,but this will be at that day only .
If you have other symptoms such as frequent urination ,or difficulty urination ,or pain when urinating ,or groin pain ,lower abdominal pain ,....or other symptoms the condition may be medical you might have urinary tract infection or other .
but if no symptoms and the symptoms are newly seen then it is as i said ,lack of fluids and water
try to drink more water around 2 liters of water to dilute your urine,it is important to drink enough water for the health of your urinary symptoms and the health of all you body .