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26 years
What treatment can help remove or diminish the sun marks I have on my chest and my upper back (brownish spots)?
Jul 23, 2014

Dr. Rania Mousa General Medicine
If the spots are small, sharply circumscribed, pigmented macule surrounded by normal-appearing skin, then these are lentigo. Lentigines may evolve slowly over the years, or they may be eruptive and appear rather suddenly. Pigmentation may be homogeneous or variegated, with a color ranging from brown to black.

Treatment includes several options, the doctor will prescribe for you the best one after evaluating your spots. Several spots may look the same to you but may have a different diagnosis according to a dermatologist.

Sun exposure exacerbated brown spots and may be lentigo. Keratosis, or even a fungal infection that is increased by sun exposure (tinea versicolor also presented as brown spots with different shapes).

Different diagnosis means different treatments depending on the diagnosis of the spots.
Lentigo is treated by several options, retinoid creams, hydroxy acid, vitamin C, cryotherapy, laser treatment, bleaching creams, etc. These options are to be considered after a doctor's prescription depending on your skin type too.
As for tenea versicolor, it is a fungal infection of the skin increased in summer and high humidity, they may be brown with different shapes, they come and go and are recurrent. They are removed by the application of topical antifungal creams.
Check with the doctor to apply sunscreen to protect your skin.