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56 years
Hi i am 56 years old a table tennis player i have a plaque in my hand i notice a dark red urine after a long table tennis duration any relation between the plaque and the dark red urine due too fatigE
Jan 21, 2015

Dr. Bassem Tanios Nephrology
Red urine or macroscopic hematuria as you are describing can be related to exercise and is termed exercise-induced hematuria. 
However I advise you to seek medical attention, and preferably a nephrologist to investigate the cause of this hematuria. 
Exercise-induced hematuria is a benign cause of hematuria, however it is considered a diagnosis of exclusion, and in your case it is advisable to see a doctor, preferably a nephrologist to fully investigate the cause of the hematuria, which can be related to problems in the urinary tract, such as for example a kidney stone, or a problem in the kidney itself or as we call it glomerular disease. There are some kidney problems that can be associated with skin manifestations. The investigations will include a urine test to characterize the presence or absence of red blood cells in the urine and confirm the hematuria, an examination of the urine under the microscope, and a 24 hour urine collection to see if the kidneys are leaking proteins. In addition a basic blood tests to evaluate kidney function, and other more specific tests if needed, and imaging for the kidneys such as ultrasound or scan.
In brief, the cause of your hematuria should be established to guide if any treatment is necessary before we can say that this is just related to exercise.