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22 years
What medication or lubricants can I use to fix the bad odor caused by balanoposthitis?
Jun 16, 2014

Dr. Rania Mousa General Medicine
Balanitis is a completely curable condition. Treating the condition will treat the bad odor caused by it, good hygiene plus medications would be good.
Before starting the treatment, it is important to known what's causing balanitis. If it is due to phimosis (a condition where you cannot pull back your foreskin completely), doctors suggest removal of the foreskin; the operation is commonly known as circumcision.
If the cause is due to a fungus infection, there are different anti-fungal ointments that can be applied on the head of the penis twice a day. Before applying the ointment, clean the area with warm water and dry it with a clean cloth.
After urinating, dry the wet surface on the head of the penis, before you slide the foreskin.
Use lubricating condom instead of latex condom to prevent latex allergy if you are known to have latex allergy.
For gonorrhea and other STD infections, you may have to take prescribed antibiotics.
Certain home remedies are useful in treating balanitis:
Apply a thin layer of yogurt on the head of the penis. Just pull back the foreskin before applying yogurt so that you can apply it properly.
Put some salt in your bath tub before you immerse to take the bath.
Aloe vera gel is effective in treating the condition.
Garlic paste or eat garlic if the reason is fungus infection.